Besides being a shelter, the house is as well a home, an emotional and intimate place, a private space, a limited territory. The series Momentos e Máculas departs from a personal investigation about the issues of home and territory. The work focuses on the process of frenetic urbanization that the city where I was born and raised, Guarulhos, Brazil, knew in the later years of the 2000s. This is a continuous and intense transformation as dozens of new buildings are raised every month, causing changes both in the landscape and cohabitation. According to the British Philosopher Roger Scruton, as modern architecture prioritizes function, utility and short-term effects over population, permanence and dwelling, it becomes a kind of “No Home”, a profanation to human residence. Major part of this work is the search and exploration of the evidences.My interest is to explore meanings of territory, not just in the geopolitical sense, but also delve into its psychological and sociological terms, linked to cultural identity and social membership, the way space is structured, organized and planned; how it turns into an Oikos and how we attach to it. The result of the project aims to show spots on a physical space as might be forgetting over memory.