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1. According to Hesiod’s Theogony, the Gigantes were a tribe of one hundred Giants born of Gaia, the Earth, from the drops of blood that fell when Uranus, the Sky, was castrated by their Titan son Kronos and had his testicles casted into the sea. The origin of the story of the Gigantes must probably be sought for in similar physical phenomena in nature.

2. Brazil. Peak viewing time. Kids and adults from the 1970’s would watch them on TV: Os Gigantes do Ringue (The Giants of the Ring).Influenced by the mexican Lucha Libre, this freestyle wrestling crew saw its fame spread beyond national borders, presenting characters from all kinds to their audience, mixing wrestling and theater. Today, far from the popularity from the early days and not enough appeal for big TV channels, the attempt of a “come back” seems to be difficult.Looking for links between mythology and reality, between the fantastic and the pragmatic, I try to portray a group that, being permanently renewed, fights to have that former glory.
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