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Thus he spoke, and monstrous Gaia laughed loudly in her heart.She hid him in an ambush and placed in his handsa serrated sickle, and apprised him of her whole cunning.Great Ouranos came, bringing the night,and spread out around Gaia, longing for love,spreading himself full upon her. His son reached out from ambushwith his left hand, and in his right he held the sickle,long and serrated and the genitals of his fatherhe quickly reaped and threw them behind his backto be carried away. But they did not flee from his hand fruitlessly,As many drops of blood spurted forth,all of them Gaia received. In the revolving years,she bore the powerful Erinyes, and great Giants,gleaming in their armor, holding long spears in their hands...”

HESIOD - Theogony. Edited with Prolegomena and Commentary by M. L. West. Oxford,Clarendon Press, 1971.